Park Weekend Program

"(our child) just loves your class each week...we have been amazed with the skills he is picking up and the confidence he is gaining from just a handful of weeks." - Valerie, Parent, Veterans Park Program

"We had an awesome time today…Thanks Coach Lawrence for the fun morning!" - Parent, Veterans Park Program

"We had such a great time today! Coach Lawrence really did a great job connecting with the kids and making them interested! My 4 year old is now very excited for the next 9 weeks"  - Michaela H. Parent, Veterans Park Program

"My son loves soccer kids! The sessions are geared toward the age of the children and their interests. Coach Lawrence is great with the kids and teaches them important fundamentals not only for soccer but for life! Awesome job!!!"  - Brittany L, Parent, Ogden Program

"I Love the positivity and energy with Coach Lawrence!"  Ty, Ogden Program

"My son had so much fun today…Coach Lawrence was awesome with all the kids!" Heather C, Parent, Ogden Program

Childcare Weekday Program

"The kids love Soccer Kids and the teachers were very impressed...I'm quite sure every one of the children will be going home begging their parents to let them play soccer...We are super excited to have your program at The Learning Tree!" - The Learning Tree, Wilmington

"We love getting the weekly updates about what you

worked on and the theme for the week. We have talked

A lot about respect! When I asked (my son) what his favorite part about practice was he said “my coach” 

 - A.B., Parent, Children's Learning Center II

"Thank you for sending weekly updates! My little guy loves Soccer Kids and tells me that his “team won” when I ask about soccer on Fridays. These are helpful and fun, we get to continue in our back yard!" – Mya, Parent, Gateway Academy

"My child is loving the class. He keeps asking me why it's not every day! I thank you for what you are doing." - J.S., Milestones, Jacksonville

"Our son loves soccer so much he slept with his soccer ball last night! I'm so glad y'all are doing winter sign ups at CLC. Save a spot for him!" - J.H., Parent, Gateway Academy