Soccer Kids is a fun and engaging soccer program for children aged 2-6. The emphasis is on having FUN and child DEVELOPMENT!


Since 2017 our independent, family-run business has provided fun and joy to local families with age-appropriate soccer and we welcome you to join the fun! Soccer Kids is proud to serve our friends in preschools and parks across Wilmington!


Soccer kids is a non-competitive soccer program designed to engage and positively impact 2-5 year old children through soccer. Our curriculum is designed to help your child's physical, cognitive, social and communication development and will help your child refine motor skills as well as form strong social and emotional characteristics. At the younger age-groups we encourage parents to join in and help their child enjoy their first soccer and organized sport experience as enjoyment at this age is the number one goal!

Within each structured 30-40 minute weekly session, children will:


  • Learn a new soccer skill, such as passing, control, dribbling and scoring goals, to help physical development

  • Be active, run around and learn about the game of soccer

  • Teach life skills, such as confidence, teamwork, encouragement and respect

  • Have fun, through games, songs, using their imagination and cheering on their friends!

You can register now for a FREE TRIAL and info on upcoming classes. You will can enroll and pay on the 'enroll here' page. Children do not need any special equipment, such as cleats or shin guards. Play-appropriate clothing and sneakers are recommended.

Public Park Program

The Public Park Program will be open to any child, 2-5; and take place on local public parks, recreation grounds and open spaces. We encourage parents, guardians and families to attend and cheer on their little soccer stars! Register interest for our Fall program at the bottom of the page.  Register here to sign up for a free session!

Childcare Programs

These programs will be run through and will take place at childcare centers and will be a closed session for that particular location. If you are Childcare Director, teacher, please contact at the bottom of the page to see how you can get involved.


If you're a parent and your child's preschool are starting a Soccer Kids program, you can register here with your childcare center name to get your child enrolled for a program.


Each Season will last for 8 weekly sessions and provide an age-appropriate, carefully designed curriculum for each group. Seasons will run Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

2-3 years

We teach coordination, balance and the fundamental principles and rules of soccer. We know your little ones are highly energetic, so our program is full of fun games, activities and songs we use to introduce skills like dribbling and scoring a goal.

We also start to reinforce positive character traits like sharing and teamwork and cheering on their friends.


Parents are encouraged to join in! 

4-6 years

We teach soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting, increasing their skill level week-by-week. We play soccer-based games that encourage imagination and creativity to help your children love being active and have fun learning soccer.

We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, sportsmanship and confidence


In the event adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold or rain, we will try our best to move the class inside. If there are no indoor facilities available, there may be cancellation of classes. Everyone will be notified via email, you can also check the website, Twitter, Facebook or feel free to email, text or call your coach. The class will be rescheduled to a suitable date and the season will be extended.