Coach Lawrence brings an 6-week, fun, developmental and high-energy soccer and PE program, exclusive to Anchor's Bend and surrounding area residents! Children will be grouped into similar ages and within each 30-40 minute lesson, will learn developmentally appropriate skills, words and have fun with their peers.


Sessions will start weekly, from:

Wednesday, February 16th @ 1pm


  • Please contact Coach Lawrence if you have any questions on 910-336-0072 or

Ogden - Anchor's Bend - Ages 6-8


    Register your interest below for more information on class starting dates and details of free trial sessions. To enroll and pay, please go to our ENROLL HERE page.


    Parents/Guardians Register Interest here for FREE Trial for our next season for your child. Please specify child age and Park of choice (Ogden Off The Wall available)

    Call: 910-336-0072


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