Our Philosophy

Over the last couple of years, Soccer Kids is proud to have established itself as a family favorite in the Wilmington area.

Coach Lawrence has worked to create a philosophy that will help nurture, develop and entertain the next generation of soccer stars and become a role model that will shape a respectful, confident and happy child.

We focus on the following areas, FUN, DEVELOPMENT & HIGH-ENERGY:


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The number one goal of Soccer Kids is to give every child a fun soccer experience and foundation of the game. We engage our soccer stars in lots of fun ways and teach soccer through using their imagination and playing fun games.

Soccer Kids teaches the fundamentals of soccer and life in a way that is enjoyable and engaging so that they get improve their skills and keep coming back for more! 

The more children are having fun, the more they'll learn and want to learn. Giving a foundation of fun, with no pressure will help fuel a life-long passion for sport.



Soccer Kids teaches a new soccer skill each week. As the weeks go by we build the complexity and difficulty at an age-appropriate pace.


Not only does Soccer Kids focus on the physical development, learning soccer skills, balance and coordination, we also focus on a holistic educational approach. 

  • Physical - strength, balance, coordination

  • Cognitive - information processing, learning new skills and solving problems 

  • Social - learning to work with together within a team, making new friends

  • Communication - following direction from a coach, listening to instructions and taking constructive feedback on board


We teach respect by being respectful to the children, allowing them to express themselves, learn at their own pace and we give continuous affirmation to create good habits and confidence and we give praise and positivity when it has been earned.



Soccer Kids kids is a 30-40 minute session so we want to keep your child active, running around and making the most of the session!

With any sport, the more hours the children get with the ball and practising, the quicker they will learn. Our coaches ensure less time is spent with teaching the skill and more time practising. We give direction to our young soccer stars as they are working with the ball.

Plus, we know that young children don't want to be bored, sitting around listening Coach Lawrence go on for too long! 

Experience -  15 years working in education and a life of playing and coaching soccer to all ages has provided me with the skill and confidence to understand what is needed to get the best out of working with and developing young children. My teaching style is engaging and gives a personalized experience to each child to enable them to learn and understand. All Soccer Kids staff that come on board have to have the same philosphy and a background that includes working with and being able to engage young children and ability to convey the Soccer Kids curriculum in a fun and engaging way.


Growth - I believe it's very important to ensure the integrity of the program above all else, by providing a steady and sustainable growth that enables Soccer Kids to keep the quality over quantity and partnering with other like-minded local schools and businesses.